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Merge PDF documents to the beginning or end of an existing PDF file. Integrates with Outlook or other MAPI e-mail clients to automatically attach PDF files to e-mail messages. Custom Windows applications including Visual Basic applications can easily interface with Win2PDF 10.0.39 pre-Activated Free Download and can control the PDF file name without user intervention. The Win2PDF license code Pro version has all of the features of Win2PDF full version crack, but it also includes support for password protecting PDF files with 40- or 128-bit encryption, and applying a watermark.

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Once you hit the "OK" button, you can set the output name and destination of your new PDF file. Plus, there's an option to send the PDF via email, and to access "PDF Options" on the bottom left corner of the file browser in which you can enable URL detection and optimize image file size. The program uses a low amount of system resources, comes with a well-defined help file and works smoothly. We haven't encountered any problems during our tests, except for the fact that the tool cannot convert some special characters found in other languages except English. Nevertheless, Win2PDF key is a very good tool for converting any printable document to a PDF file. It's easy to handle by both first-time and experienced users.

Win2PDF 10.0 codes is a simple software that allows you to create PDF files from any Windows printable applications. The tool can be accessed once you initiate the "Print" option in any program that supports this operation. You can configure "Printing Preferences" when it comes to orientation (portrait, landscape or rotate landscape), and you can also print on both sides (select "Flip on short edge"). Furthermore, you can select the paper source and color (grayscale or colored), and you can access advanced settings to set the paper size (e.g. letter, note, tabloid, statement, envelope), graphic resolution (from 72 to 1440) and scaling.

Win2PDF Features:

  • Emails documents
  • Free similar products available
  • Creates PDF from clipboard contents
  • Does not support editing or rearranging pages
  • Prints to PDF, XPS, TIFF and SVG
  • Document merging
  • Supports any printable file as source
  • Document encryption, security and protection
  • nothing comes to mind, except the watermark at the end of the document in the free version.
  • In spite of upgrade, this software locks up PowerPoint most every time I create a PDF. In addition, in some cases, the fonts look rough and not fully formed.
  • I’m a bit confused on how to use it at the beginning
  • Can’t think of any
  • The filesizes this tool generates are not suitable for web use. Even for simple Word docs I consistently have larger filesizes than the original. For complicated Powerpoint or Excel workbooks, it is worthless due to the incredible filesizes it generates (often a 10 or + multiplication of the original filesize).
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Besides from the Print dialog, Win2PDF 10.0.39 Full Version serial code can be used from its desktop shortcut, which works pretty much the same. It prompts you to pick a source document and set your output preferences. Luckily, it is possible to merge various documents as well. In addition, you can tell the program to create a new document from current clipboard contents. It is also good that the tool supports various output formats, including not only PDF but XPS, TIFF and SVG.

System Requirements for Win2PDF 10.0.39:

  • PDF viewer such as the free Adobe Reader to view PDF or PDF/A files.
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 2008, Windows 2003, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit
  • Homepage:
  • Author Dane Prairie Systems, LLC
  • Last version 10.0.39

New in Win2PDF 10.0.39:

Added full support for Windows 7.
Also added PDF/A, XPS, and TIFF output formats.
Officially supports Windows Server 2008.
Added integrated font helper download to setup.
Added Admin Utility configuration option to disable the Win2PDF file save dialog from being resized.
Fixed a problem with the default resolution on x64.
Fixed install issues on Vista x64.
Improved event log messages for x64.
Fixed a printer sharing problem on Windows x64.
Fixed an uninstall problem when multiple instances of Win2PDF are installed.
Fixed a problem programatically setting the document information from the registry.
Added support for colored hatched patterns with transparency.
Fixed time zone problem in CreationDate.
Usability improvements, Added watermark feature
Fixed a problem with the question mark character when using the Win2PDF Font Helper application.
Added a tabbed user interface to PDF Options dialog.
Added watermark support to Win2PDF Pro.

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