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Three different types of profiles are supported: backup, synchronize and mirror. A backup is a one-way process that copies everything from the source to the target location. With this type, the files on the destination are not deleted when they no longer exist on the source. A synchronization is intended to make sure you have the same data in two directories. In this respect, the program lets you create a series of rules to decide what to do under certain circumstances, which are based on comparing the contents on both ends.

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If your backup requirements are demanding then you can safely have SyncBackFree 9.3 full version with keygen download free, SyncBackSE, and SyncBackPro all installed at the same time on the same computer to discover what solution best suits your needs. Fast backup and synchronization utility that enables you to create copies of your folders and files on external hard drives, discs, FTP servers, and shared drives Back up, mirror, and synchronize files and folders

The first step is to choose the source and destination folders, as well as the job type. The program can be used with files and folders on your hard drive, CDs, DVDs or USB drives. Furthermore, the destination directory can be on a FTP server, as well as on a network computer. If you are a beginner, you can use the 'Easy' mode, while the 'Expert' mode is destined for professionals. But no matter what you choose, the program provides you with multiple options to customize your sync / backup profile. For example, you have to choose the desired action in different situations, such as when a file can be found only in the destination folder. There are some features that are only available for experts, such as customizing the comparing attributes for the sync jobs or setting which programs should be closed / started before and after performing the job.

SyncBackFree Features:

  • Data encryption and compression
  • Task scheduling
  • Various profile types
  • Does not support intelligent synchronizations
  • Support of multiple storage media
  • Command line support
  • The best free tool out there to sync data files. It can be used by beginners, but also has many options in expert mode for more advanced users. I love this tool!
  • Like many copy programs, does not copy very long filenames or names with foreign characters. Did not see any way of assessing progress.
  • None at this time.
  • I’ve read several “bashes” from the few not-so-happy’s. Their posts made it obvious they lack the knowledge to know what a backup is or the patience how to set one up. They are looking for a baby-sitter to do their backups for them. Let them keep looking and bashing. Undoubtedly, they will bash all the programs out there. Let me rate those responders on a scale of 1-5; they likely can barely handle e-mail.Having survived several HDD failures over the years I can’t stress how important backing up your system is. My losses have been limited because I researched the programs out there and read their instructions. I watched my daughter lose a lot of valuable photo memories and relatives lose a large amount of property appraisal files because they didn’t do their backups. This is an excellent program and I’ve used several freeware and paid programs over the years. I recently had to find a new program after replacing my computer which now has Vista and won’t run the old software (which was excellent as well) . Even the updated version of the old software turned to bloatware crap. I really didn’t want to change otherwise because I know researching backup software is time consuming and a pain in the ass. I can think of better things to do.Granted, very few backup programs exist that are suitable for novices. Most, even the simplest are not automatic right out of the box, just like all backup programs of any merit you must configure it. You’d be a double-bonehead if you didn’t experiment with it and test it several times before launching it. The first time backup takes time, yes. That is a system thing and not a software thing. Subsequent updates afterward take me only about 7 minutes to update about 150mb, on average; again, daily at 4:AM when I’m asleep. I am configuring it to backup to my second internal HDD, a USB flash drive, and an FTP service (free) consecutively, daily. I can also keep several versions of previous backups. You can’t convince me that this program is trash or is limited. The freeware version will suit most home users. The paid version can expand your options if you run it in a more demanding environment. I’m still figuring out little surprises along the way that this program is capable of. This was worth my $50. Even if you decide to just get the freeware edition, do everyone who is also looking for a program for their needs a favor and use the help screens and READ the how-to menus. Don’t just bash the program due to a lack of knowledge or patience.
  • None that I know of now.
  • – Free version is not portable
SyncBackFree license Key

Download SyncBackFree 9.3 Activator Free Download – Fast backup and synchronization utility that enables you to create copies of your folders and files on external hard drives, discs, FTP servers, and shared drives SyncBackFree 9.3.17 reg keys can help you synchronize and backup files. The program supports multiple types of locations, such as hard drives, removable devices, mapped drives, FTP sites and cloud storage services. Creating a synchronizing job can be a hard task, so it is good news that the tool assists you in this process by means of various wizards. Moreover, there are two modes: Easy and Expert, which allows you to use the program according to your experience.

System Requirements for SyncBackFree 9.3.17:

New in SyncBackFree 9.3.17:

Updated: The filename sort order is now the same as in Windows File Explorer (Differences, File & Folder Selection and Directory Selection windows)
Updated (Pro/SE): Client certificate support when using WeOnlyDo FTP with FTPS
Updated (Pro): Log file now shows total cloud throttling time (if there was throttling)
Fixed: Log file was not showing total time worker threads waited for work
Fixed: May fail to reconnect correctly to FTP server when scanning and using WeOnlyDo
Fixed (Pro): Correctly handle non-default S3 endpoints when using Signature V4
Updated: Improved auto-switching to active mode detection with FTP
Fixed: Filters were listed twice in HTML log file
Fixed: V9.3.4.0 introduced a bug where symbolic links were not recognized

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10 thoughts on “SyncBackFree 9.3.17 Activation Code

  • 17.01.2021 at 09:05

    I can’t seem to get it to allow grouping/categorizing of UNinstalled fonts. If it can actually do this – then it’s the best manager out there. If not – NOT.

  • 20.01.2021 at 20:57

    I needed support to get the version I had working. It involved reinstalling, reinstalling snapapi and scheduler task (WHY?) backups I set up started randomly changing names, deleting VALUABLE backups. They have a tool to COMPLETELY remove Acronis 2012, but warn that your machine may be inoperable after using it. Right, Like I’d try that. Had trouble again a month later, had to pay for support. 2 month later I am still working out issues, losing valuable images and cannot stabilize the enviroment

  • 24.01.2021 at 21:02

    Fonts do not print the same as displayed.
    There’s no Update option under Help.

  • 27.01.2021 at 14:59

    Graphic design thank need new download

  • 02.02.2021 at 16:35

    Used it a lot, fantastic software!

  • 07.02.2021 at 02:31

    It costs $20. Perhaps trivial to the Cnet editor but not to me, especially for a non-essential utility. Cnet screws this up so often that I suspect they are getting kickbacks by misleading their users toward “free” software that isn’t free.

  • 10.02.2021 at 00:29

    I purchased Mixcraft 7 registration code, but it doesn’t work for Mixcraft 6.1 so I would like to receive a refund.

  • 13.02.2021 at 09:54

    Partial recovery, slow, waste of time

  • 24.02.2021 at 20:40

    Acronis True Image 2012 is buggy bloatware, and it frequently fails to make good clean copies of a hard drive that will pass its own “validation” check at the end of the copy process. The negative comments from other users are valid. Previous versions of this software worked much better than the current version.


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