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Mirror your device screen on your personal computer desktop Reflector license code is a practical tool designed to view the activity from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch on the computer monitor by using a wireless connection. The program allows you to mirror the phone screen by using the AirPlay network protocol developed by Apple. AirPlay is a useful technology that allows you to access the content displayed on your mobile device and watch it on your television. Thus, you can watch movies or streams on a large screen and listen to music on the TV speakers.

Reflector Full Version pre-Activated

This easy to use application allows you to easily connect your iOS or Android device to the PC and use the AirPlay feature to stream content to your desktop Reflector 3.2 full version free allows you to stream contents from your portable device to your PC. Thus, this utility makes it possible to mirror your device screen on your desktop. Good news is that it supports both iOS and Android devices; and, since it supports AirPlay, Google Cast and Miracast technologies, it does not require installing any additional software on your portable device.

By means of mirroring we can show what’s being played on a certain device’s screen on another one. In other words, we’ll be able to view on large devices whatever we’re playing on a phone or tablet. With Reflector codes we can do exactly the same on Windows.

From your smartphone to your PC’s screen

It’s an application that works like a mirroring and streaming receiver capable of working with Google Cast, AirPlay and AirParrot. With the latter, you watch videos, play smartphone games or send any application from your phone or tablet to a large screen.

Reflector Features:

  • No additional software is needed on portable device
  • Available in various licenses
  • Supports customizing resolution, including HD
  • Supports both iOS and Android devices
  • Comes with no help documentation
  • On my testing almost always the video failed to record and generated an empty 262 byte file instead. Also, can’t remember the folder where you last saved, and always defaults to desktop.
  • Works fine, except for video recording.
Reflector free full download

Any application or content on your phone can be seen on your computer’s monitor.


  • Share instantly on your computer screen.
  • Different resolutions.
  • Possibility to carry out screencasts.
  • Control it from the toolbar.
  • Compatible with Google Cast, AirPlay and AirParrot.
Download Reflector full version – This easy to use application allows you to easily connect your iOS or Android device to the PC and use the AirPlay feature to stream content to your desktop

System Requirements for Reflector

  • Compatible iOS (iPad 2, iPad 3 or iPhone 4S) or Android device
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit
  • Homepage:
  • Author Squirrels, LLC
  • Last version

New in Reflector

Added frames for the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and the new iPad Pro
Resolved Miracast mirroring issues on Windows 10
Numerous stability improvements and performance optimizations
Resolved an issue with the "Classic Renderer" setting not being persistent
Resolved an issue with the "Show Client Name" setting not being persistent
Reflector 2 now prevents the computer display from sleeping during YouTube video playback
Resolved a crash for some users when a device connects and begins mirroring
Added support and frames for new iPad and (PRODUCT)RED iPhone
Resolve an issue where mirrored screens reserved space for the top name bar, even when disabled
Resolved an issue with mirroring from Chrome v58 browsers and devices
Resolved an issue where recording would stop if audio connection disconnected for a device
Resolved an issue with registering on Turkish date format devices

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17 thoughts on “Reflector Full Version Activation Code

  • 05.02.2021 at 15:35

    crashes & crashes & crashes & crashes ………………..

  • 09.02.2021 at 05:31

    Probably the best adobe can make

  • 12.02.2021 at 12:16

    I just received free support and updated software directly today, on the tool I purchased from them several years ago! It’s amazing this day and age to still find a company that stands behind their products seemingly “forever”. This tool has lasted longer than I could have ever hoped, and works with my 2017! And thank you, Mike, for always answering my questions. I know I made the right choice going with you, guys.

  • 14.02.2021 at 22:05

    Started up program, it started prompting me to insert my Office 2003 CD. AirSnare said it needed something out of a CAB file. No thank you…AirSnare should be an application without dependancies on Microsoft Office.

  • 23.02.2021 at 14:16

    I have found some things that would be nice to have – being able set the font color of tool-tips and numbered lists in blocks as well as support for the wrapping of the menu bar.

  • 06.03.2021 at 05:57

    Flash Plugin’s For Firefox 14.0.1 Seem to be bugged tons of crashing of Flash base Video players and Games

  • 10.03.2021 at 17:29

    I’ve used this program for some time, and despite I use a Dual Monitor system, it seems to hold up against un-authorised access. Only the Primary monitor experiences the Lockout style screen (Screensaver/screen fade and password box), the other only appears accessible. Any attempts to access it via mouse clicks, the Mouse pointer pings back to the Primary Monitor preventing left/right-click abilities.

  • 16.03.2021 at 23:52

    the data base should be greater

  • 21.03.2021 at 09:02

    i’d love it if some local file management features are developed

  • 26.03.2021 at 13:07

    I have to say that it’s heavier than the 6.0

  • 01.04.2021 at 15:12

    im statifside the only thing it doesnt let me edit the size on the words if any one could help me with that let me know pzz

  • 06.04.2021 at 21:56

    Catalyst Control Centre is a necessary evil for AMD chipsets and ATI Radeon GPU’s. Unfortunately, constant updates effect not just the performance of the software itself but also your installed hardware. My advise is install the version that came with your hardware and only update if you experience problems or upgrade affected hardware.

  • 10.04.2021 at 01:26

    Company offering product is double minded. After you pay for the software the person wants more money – I had my inbox full of emails to upgrade to have it longer.


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