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PopTray 3.20 Serial Key is a great e-mail checker that is free and works great. The application will sit on your tray and constantly scan your e-mail accounts searching for new mail. PopTray Free Download Activator will let you know when new mail comes in so that you can check it on your e-mail client or on the built-in previewer. The built-in viewer is not too complete, but it is great for quickly checking incoming e-mails to see who sent them and what is on them. You can open your preferred application from that window. There are a bunch of features that make this application amazing.

PopTray Full Version keygen

Manage e-mails through a simple GUI

It comes with a well-organized interface that permits users to preview their messages and select the one they want to read, delete or reply to a message with a single mouse click, as well as mark an item as spam.

Implement a color-coded system and tweaking a few other options

Before actually using the app, an account needs to be added and users are required to assign it a name, enter the server address, and then specify the username and password. It is also possible to choose the color and sounds that need to be used in association to this account.


Without putting a strain on your OC’s performance, PopTray full setup manages to help you easily filter your e-mails from different accounts and receive custom notifications. The response time is good, the interface is suitable to all users and we did not come across any errors or crashes in our tests. If you are interested in bypassing the installation process, you should know a portable edition is also available for download, called Portable PopTray preactivated.

PopTray Features:

  • None
  • Very much customizable. Support for unlimited accounts
  • I haven’t found any yet.
  • I used Pop Peeper on my Outlook Express Account for 2 years and it was quite good. This is Better. More features, Easy to install and use.
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Download PopTray 3.20 license code – Clean program developed to aid you check multiple POP3 e-mail accounts and set up custom notifications, rules and keyboard shortcuts When it comes to accessing emails one received, there are two ways of achieving this: either connect to the mail server and view the email, or download all the messages locally then read the email. The former protocol is called IMAP, while the latter is POP3. One of the email notifiers available for POP3 is PopTray 3.20 For Windows Download.

System Requirements for PopTray 3.20:

New in PopTray 3.20:

Switch off Auto-Check when PC is going into Suspend/Standby.
Ask confirmation to delete protected message from Preview.
Fixed Access Violation when adding and deleting blank accounts.
Only scroll to newest message if list not sorted.
Max Line Length increased to 64kb.

PopTray 3.2 Final Full Version serial code

6 thoughts on “PopTray 3.20 serial code

  • 17.01.2021 at 09:29

    Good mail checker, versatile, spam rules

  • 23.01.2021 at 12:22

    No automatic updates, shows the files even they are deleted (or cleaned).

  • 03.02.2021 at 14:06

    Crashes whatever browser I use regardless of every upgrade and update I installed. It must be a problem with You Tube since Flash works with other sites but why don’t those highly-paid geeks come up with a solution?

  • 06.02.2021 at 09:57

    Got the right word … Con

  • 08.02.2021 at 21:01

    None that have come up thus far, Love it


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