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But why bother, when there are other, more intuitive programs out there? OpenContacts has some pretty cool features that aren’t always found in contact management programs. We loved that we could click on an address and go directly to the location in Google Maps, and that Skype users are able to make calls to contacts from within the program. We also appreciated the ability to cross reference people and businesses; after entering George Smith and the ABC Widget Co. separately, we could create an association between the two. This is a great time-saver if you have multiple contacts who work for the same organization.

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Contacts are organized into multiple categories that you can define, such as friends, relatives, and business. Furthermore, you can use a search function when dealing with large amount of data (by phone number, email address, address, birthday, any dynamic field), export contacts to XML, CSV, Excel or vCard format, as well as print information or synchronize it with the SyncML server. The application provides a backup and restore service, and lets you change data in batch mode (e.g. refresh initials by name or surname). You can view photos, save layouts, import contact details from external files, and more.

Open Contacts full version setup is an advanced address book program for managing contact info of individuals and organizations with relationships. The program was designed for people who want to improve dynamic interactions with contacts. The program can interact with e-mail programs, Web browsers, Phone Dialer, Skype, and Google Maps. With SyncML Client for Open Contacts 6.2 portable, you may synchronize contact info with a smart phone, PDA, and Web address books. An application with rich features for creating and organizing contact details, such as backup and restore, import and export options Open Contacts full version free offers you the possibility to have a practical organizer on your PC. Download Open Contacts reg keys for free and take advantage of having an organizer

Open Contacts Features:

  • Not for the average user
  • Create every field you want
  • Export your data to various formats
  • Actions triggers
  • Synchronize database
  • It requires a lot of configuration for all the advantages listed
  • Good program,wish to see it more solid and user friendly
  • Lots of conversion options.Able to import multi vcf files
  • A Global choice of address formats would be brilliant. Having to change formats each record makes a painful job heavier.
  • I like the easy open and one click I have the list I want
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OpenContacts is a contact management program that has many useful features. Unfortunately, the unintuitive interface makes the program somewhat frustrating to use. Is OpenContacts impossible to master? Not at all. But contact management programs tend to be pretty intuitive, allowing users to perform basic functions like adding contacts right off the bat. OpenContacts requires more work, more clicking around and skimming the Help file. The interface, made up of multiple little windows and plenty of drop-down menus, does not make it particularly easy to add or edit information. That said, with a bit of experimentation, most users should be able to get the hang of it.

System Requirements for Open Contacts

  • PII or above, 128M
  • Latest Windows patches
  • Email clients such as Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, Mozilla, or MS-Outlook [optional]
  • Windows Phone Dialer [Optional]
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP 32/64 bit
  • Homepage:
  • Author Fonlow IT
  • Last version

New in Open Contacts

Upgrade the database engine from Firebird 2.1 to Firebird 2.5.
Default database file extension is now FDB rather than GDB.
Bug fixed: Importing CSV might result in warning about buffer size.
Minor changes to some keyboard shortcuts to avoid the use of the Alt keys.
When exporting XML, export unique ID for each contact.
Bug fixed: when sending Email, the name and address might be corrupted.
Some minor changes to hide some functions not applicable to portable applications, when Open Contacts is installed as a portable application.
Integrate with SyncML Client for Open Contacts. Go to [Main Menu -> Tools -> Synchronize with SyncML Server]. This feature requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or above.
Restore the features of interacting with Skype. Skype had changed its way of being interacting with other programs through Windows messages, resulting in features broken. This was just fixed by using Skype4COM.

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  • 23.01.2021 at 17:30

    Everything about it since I can’t get it to download and install. I also don’t like the fact that it forces their Photo Album program on you.

  • 25.01.2021 at 22:18

    This is realy good programm. At beginning that might think that this is realy strange (When u have old computer[without cleaning long time]). Afther scan your computer is many times faster than it was before. (If u do that normaly)


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