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This program will scan your PC and identify all installed drivers within your computer. You will be able to install, uninstall or update any driver, check the homepage of its developer to see what's new, but most importantly, back up your drivers. My biggest issue with this application is that it takes a while to find and back up the necessary drivers. However, My Drivers 5.02 full version setup allows you to back up your drivers to self-extracted or compressed files, this way, saving plenty of space on your hard drives. With that being said, if you can ignore the slow scan and backup and just see the great results this program has to offer, I guess you should consider acquiring My Drivers.

My Drivers For Windows Download

The program impressively extracts all drivers or only the non-Microsoft versions with the click of a button. The list of drivers is displayed in the upper panel and includes name, version, date, and manufacturer. Select a driver to see more information in the lower panel. My Driver lets you search for the latest updates and lists those with newer versions detected. You can choose which you want to download and the program creates a folder for you to install the update. The program allows the user to create a backup copy of any or all listed drivers, and has tools for restoring and deleting drivers. The trial version is limited to 15 days, but that should be enough time for intermediate to advanced users to see if this easy-to-use driver-management utility suits their needs.

Backup and restore options

A great thing about My Drivers 5.02 with serial keys is its ability to create backups and restore individual files as well as all the drivers that have been replaced on a system. You can store the selected items in CAB packages or installable EXE archives and just as well you can export the drives to a folder of your choosing.


All things considered, My Drivers 5.02 preactivated can surely be of assistance when it comes to identifying and updating system drivers and since it is very easy to use, it is suitable even for less experienced users. This handy application is on the plain side, but it lets you easily manage the hardware device drivers installed in your system. My Drivers 5.02 Full Version Full Crack has a straightforward interface with easy-to-navigate buttons and file-header menus, although we appreciated the inclusion of the extensive help files.

My Drivers Features:

  • It took a while to identify all drivers within my PC
  • Not recommended to inexperienced users
  • Offers you the complete list of installed drivers
  • You can back up all your drives with just one click
  • Accurately searches for drivers updates
  • it couldn`t find one of the drivers I needed, but I did find it eventually
  • my copy using XP Pro, seemed to run on forever in the background when trying to back up a driver, try freebie “DriverMax”.
  • Do not buy. There are way better back up program out there. Do not buy this. Updated on May 15, 2012
My Drivers keygen

Reinstalling the operating system on your PC can be a very tedious job as you have to install the necessary drivers all over again so that your system works properly. My Drivers Full Version Full Crack will help you avoid this time-consuming step by allowing you to back up your drivers and restore them whenever you need. The thing is I wouldn't recommend this application to inexperienced users. All it takes is one necessary driver uninstalled and you can drastically reduce the performance of your PC or even cause a system crash.

System Requirements for My Drivers 5.02:

I need the drivers for Toshiba Laptop Satellite A135-S2276. Can you help me?

As you can see on Software Informer review page of the product, My drivers will find the latest drivers for your hardware and install them in your computer. An issue is that the application is slow and it takes a while to find and back up the necessary drivers.
Also you can download all the drivers from Toshiba support page. Go to Drivers & Updates tab and download and install the desired driver.

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