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Downloads files and folders shared via the service, enabling you to choose the content to grab and customize the output location MEGA Link Downloader 2.8.9 full version with keygen download free is, as the name implies, a download manager capable of storing multiple shared URLs and queue files for download. The application can be used to grab entire directories from the Mega hosting service and save them to your computer. The installation process is done with a few mouse clicks, so it requires neither advanced computer skills or considerable time to complete it. Once you start the program, you are welcomed by a simple interface, comprised of a basic menu tab with very few customization options and a poorly crafted background theme. The response to user commands is acceptable and the memory usage is very low.

MEGA Link Downloader free

Grab files at high speed

MEGA Link Downloader 2.8.9 full version crack features clipboard monitoring capabilities, so each time a MEGA link is sent to the clipboard, it will be automatically added to its list. Once the connection is set, you are free to explore the contents of the shared folder and view the files it includes. In order to download a file you must select it and then use the dedicated option in the right-click menu. Alternatively, the application enables you to select multiple files and download them all with the push of a button.

MEGA is a popular file hosting and sharing platforms, enabling users from all around the world to exchange content with ease. MEGA users can upload files and folders to their personal cloud account and then share them with others using automatically generated links. Shared files can be easily downloaded using any web browser, without even having to own a MEGA account. Even so, applications such as MEGA Link Downloader 2.8.9 codes enable users to manage their downloads and create queues.

MEGA Link Downloader Features:

  • Lacks advanced customization settings
  • Ensures a high download speed
  • Has a poor crafted theme
  • Handles simultaneous tasks
  • Has monitoring capabilities
MEGA Link Downloader free full download

Create download queues

MEGA Link Downloader 2.8.9 Full Version Registration key is nothing more than a download manager for the hosting service, which can store multiple shared URLs and queue files for download. You can use it to grab entire directories shared via MEGA and save them to a specific location on your computer. The application doesn't require a valid MEGA account in order to grab files from the cloud and can handle simultaneous tasks, ensuring high download speed. However, you can limit the maximum number of connections to prevent elevated bandwidth usage.

System Requirements for MEGA Link Downloader 2.8.9:

  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Homepage:
  • Author Shinchiro
  • Last version 2.8.9

New in MEGA Link Downloader 2.8.9:

Support new mega's link format
Fix compatibility with windows 7
Fix downloading won't start in some computers
Bump year
Fix hang when processing mega links
Update dependencies
Bugfix: reset session ID when expired
Update external libraries
Bugfix: skip processing undecrypted/corrupted file
Stop search attribute string at the end of ',' char too
Disable checking all files status after starting queue. Mega don't like this trick
Fix "Visit Website" not autosize correctly when maximize
Improve stability
Remove useless external libraries
Proper error handling when reached 'Over quota'
Support downloading using MEGA account
Change download strategy to adapt new MEGA bandwidth quota system
Improve decryption performance about ~90%
Improve saving downloader's data
Slightly improve download engine

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