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MediaFire Desktop full version allows you to access the functions of the MediaFire cloud service from your computer. It is designed to facilitate the file uploads to your online account and provide you with sharing options. With this tool you can easily upload any file from your computer to the cloud storage. You can use the system tray icon or the program dashboard to drag and drop the items that need to be uploaded. The Explorer context menu also provides you with an easy way to upload items directly from the Windows Explorer. You can also explore the previous items as uploaded on MediaFire in the past. You can use the tray icon context menu for capturing a screenshot of your desktop or a certain window. The captured image can be edited by highlighting the important parts, making notes or blurring the elements that are not relevant. For every uploaded file you have the option of copying the URL to the clipboard in order to send it to your colleagues or business partners. This completes the goal of the application by providing quick access to the items stored in the cloud. During the large uploads a progress window is displayed on the desktop and allows you to view the remaining time and the file queue. You can pause the download and remove certain files from queue in order to prioritize the important items. If you are looking for a way to share files with other persons, MediaFire is an eligible solution and MediaFire Desktop Full Version license Key can help you upload content with minimum effort.

MediaFire Desktop free download

Activity Feed: Keep track of all MediaFire system activity; including updates to your files by other users, new files received from your contacts, and system status messages. Automatic File Version Tracking: Organize your files by date, edit history, and type. MediaFire features automatic duplicate removal to enable you to maximize your online storage space. Screenshot capturing: Instantly capture, annotate (with text, arrows, and boxes), and share a screenshot of your desktop. With MediaFire Desktop For Windows 10 Download you can access your files wherever you are provided you have an Internet connection. MediaFire Desktop 1.9 setup encourages collaborative work

Access your files from wherever you want

MediaFire Desktop Registration key is an application, the purpose of which is to synchronize any folder or files on our computer’s desktop with our devices. This means that we can access all our computer’s files from any other device with an Internet connection. It offers interesting functions, such as collaborative work with other users, as well as a notification system that informs you about any update on your desktop.


An option to be taken into account for teamwork.

MediaFire Desktop Features:

  • Limited free storage space
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Has several handy features
  • this thing is dangerous. i deleted a folder off mediafire, because i didnt want it on mediafire any longer, and it deleted it off my hard drive as well!! did not ask me if i wanted to delete. and files are not in my recycle bin. i do not like this. plus the reason i deleted it was because it was stuck on syncing and wouldnt finish uploading the files, and it was about 5000 files, about 40gb, i had my computer running past 3 days straight, and i have a fast connection. i restarted my computer many times, and also reinstalled the program many times. i think it was deleting files each time too. and i couldnt tell which files it had uploaded and which it had not. i know there are check marks on each file if it has uploaded it, but the problem with that is, with 5000 files, i cant go through to find each one. i would have been better off just manually uploading every folder to mediafire. this program sucks. i am really upset that it deleted folders off my computer when i deleted the folder
MediaFire Desktop Full Version Registered

MediaFire Desktop 1.9 Full Version serial code is really easy to use. You only have to configure the folders and files to be shared, being able to add new ones whenever you want and manage their use from the taskbar, which also includes a shortcut to the notifications and control options. Access your files from any device and share them thanks to MediaFire Desktop keys .

  • Invite other users to work collaboratively on documents and files.
  • Share folders automatically from your desktop.
  • Option to share screenshots with the possibility to add notes.
  • Possibility to login by means of your email or Facebook account.

System Requirements for MediaFire Desktop

  • Internet connection
  • At least 1GB of RAM
  • At least 600MB of free space on your computer plus the amount of space you want to store in your MediaFire account.
  • Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Homepage:
  • Author mediafire
  • Last version

New in MediaFire Desktop

Screenshot annotations now have color control:
Now you can dress-up your screenshot’s annotation with colors. You can now set the color of all of the annotation elements (i.e., arrows, frames, text, backgrounds, etc.) from a rich selection of eye-catching colors. Set warnings in red, for example add the annotation, “Add no annotations here!” for irony. Add color-coded arrows, and rectangles. Fill text boxes and frames with color too. Assign colors to text! Even on a letter by letter basis.
Obliterate sensitive information from screenshots with the blur tool:
Need to send a screenshot that also happened to capture some information (e.g., Social Security number, home address, embarrassing browser history or other folks’ email addresses) that you’d just rather not include? Just use the screenshot tool’s new “blur” tool to smear these sensitive details into illegibility. The blur tool works by convoluting pixels into an impenetrable smudge. Now you can have the best of all worlds: the ability to screenshot the entire area of interest and the ability to obliterate whatever part of it you want to redact.

MediaFire Desktop Beta full version with crack

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  • 28.01.2021 at 17:13

    How may I choose a partition different from the C: drive to save files for MediaFire?

  • 02.02.2021 at 19:57

    OK, as a well domesticated user, I put up with the worse UI and gave it a ffew weeks fair try. It only got worse: e.g. the whole window wouldn’t repaint. Some documents would not show up at all, etc.

  • 12.02.2021 at 17:35

    Too difficult for the newbie trying to do an installer. Needs step-by-step instructions for new users of this product.


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