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Unlike other media players, Haihaisoft Universal Player 1.5 with serial keys works directly in Internet Explorer. That means that users are able to access media files immediately rather than having to open them in a separate program. Especially for computers that may have limited memory or several programs running at the same time, this can make a big difference in terms of keeping computers running smoothly when media files are open and playing. This combined with its versatility in terms of the file types that it can handle make it a fantastic time saver and a great way to avoid having to download different programs for all of the file types that you need to access.

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This easy-to-use multimedia player will let you watch your favorite videos, listen to your music collection and check your photo libraries. You won’t need much experience in handling this program as it offers you an intuitive menu with simple-to-configure settings. If you still have problems managing the application, I suggest you to look for hints on the homepage of the developer since the player lacks an offline manual.

Haihaisoft Universal Player Full Version Free Download is an application designed for playing music and movies, but you can also view images. It supports many formats, including WMA, MPEG, DVD, MP3, AIFF, OGG, MKV, MOV, and DVD. The installation process takes place in quick steps, and the user-friendly interface is modern (it looks a lot like Windows Media Player). Unfortunately, you cannot add files by using the drag and drop method (only by using the program's file explorer), but you can, however, create a playlist. Haihaisoft Universal Player pre-Activated Free Download manages to play sharp sound and display clear images (whether we are talking about videos or pictures) while using a moderate amount of system resources. We have not encountered any major problems during its testing. The bottom line is that is more user-friendly than most media players.

Haihaisoft Universal Player Features:

  • Lacks visualizations (for audio files)
  • Lacks an offline help manual
  • Intuitive interface
  • No Shuffle and Repeat buttons available
  • You can create music playlists and favorite lists
  • So leaving behind the Klite codec pack installed gave me no way of getting in to deactive AVI Chunk. I found a workaround, which was to download the K-Lite codec pack (do a search for it and it will come up), then installing it into the HaiHaiSoft Universal Player/codec folder. Afterwards, you can uninstall the K-Lite codec pack from control panel, then uninstall the player from there as well. It will still leave an annoying Program Files folder behind, but just delete it without too much worries and use a registry cleaner to fix everything up.Haihaisoft has chosen to make a functioning albeit malfunctioning program. If you never plan to uninstall it or have the K-Lite codec pack installed already, go ahead and download. Otherwise I suggest you move toward alternatives as I listen above.
  • The only con I can think of is it’s rather silly name — difficult to say, difficult to remember — so they won’t be getting people recommending it!
  • None that I can think of.
  • There is non that I can find.
  • It plays just about every video format under the sun.
  • I guess I may not be very demanding, but this player does everything I want–especially when the cost is FREE!
  • nothing so far
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Opens videos, music and image files A powerful media player which supports almost all popular digital media formats and can also play… Haihaisoft Universal Player reg keys is a mouthful of a name for a simple program that will play practically any type of media file. With a user-friendly layout and excellent results, we were well-pleased with this free player. The program’s interface is exceptionally easy to navigate, thanks to its well-labeled command icons. Its familiar design mimicked other video and music players we’ve tested, so we never needed to consult the Help file’s instructions. The player impressed us with its ability to jump quickly and seamlessly from media type to media type.

System Requirements for Haihaisoft Universal Player

New in Haihaisoft Universal Player

You can customize the buffertime according to bandwith, improved the support for both english and chinese URL, improved the compatibility for SWF on Vista, improved the compativility on 64-bit Vista.
Added new player skins.
Fixed the crash when user deletes license.
Added watermark feature with different font size.
Support MP3 files DRM-X protection.
Support Delete License function.
Increased the stable for player and Support Flv streaming function.
Support USB Offline DRM function.
Haihaisoft Universal Player offers great new ways to store and enjoy all your music, video, pictures, and recorded TV. It supports playing more than 400 media formats and the media files protected by DRM-X.

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    Haven’t came across any at this time.

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    Nothing I don’t like, but if Auslogics can pull off a TweakVista that rivals TweakUI for XP, I’ll be shopping their products for a long time to come.

  • 25.01.2021 at 06:51

    I appreciate its good performance.

  • 30.01.2021 at 07:54

    Well they do need to add the ability to back up to DVD cause alot of computers are getting dvd writers as defaultes put in to them its time to go with the times :S.

  • 08.02.2021 at 20:39

    Cannot fit in my 10 inch screen Emachines Netbook, cannot delete browser history list.

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    None I’ve identified so far.

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    Havent really found any yet.

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    None really – just have to read a few directions (I’m not a reader or a good direction follower)

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    Very very simplified software, I love much this one.


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