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If users cannot afford to maintain 24H surveillance, the program can be set to start recording whenever the camera detects motion. This is a useful feature, saving precious memory space. Users can also be alerted via e-mail or telephone call, thus improving security.

go1984 portable allows you to set up custom periods of surveillance

The application provides users with a built-in scheduler, enabling the manual selection of the periods when their cameras are recording. The program also offers a 'Holiday planner', a feature that enables surveillance on specific days of the year. To sum it up, go1984 10.0 Full Version keygen is a comprehensive and powerful application. It enables users to set up various types of surveillance and provides great camera support. Its numerous features make it a competitive software, in spite of the hefty price.

go1984 premium

Users must keep in mind that go1984 codes has some system requirements that not most computers can meet.  Depending on the number of cameras installed, recorded hours and resolution, the application can easily require a few hundred GBs a month to store all the data.

View live recording remotely from mobile devices

go1984 10.0 codes enables users to access their cameras' feeds via TCP / IP from the LAN and Internet. PTZ cameras can be controlled from all standard browsers. A very nice feature is that users can access images and recordings straight from iPhone / iPad, Android smartphones and Windows Phone through the corresponding applications.

In fewer words, go1984 10.0 with crack is undoubtedly a very powerful video surveillance system. It probably has more features than most of the similar tools available. Three licenses are available for this product: Pro, Enterprise and Ultimate with different features and prices. Luckily, they all can be tried at no cost. However, you should know that the price of this software may be much higher than those of other products of the same type.

go1984 Features:

  • Difficult to use
  • Support of analogic and digital cameras
  • Remote access to the cameras
  • Motion detection
  • High price
  • Scheduled recording
go1984 Full Version Activation Key

A comprehensive application designed to be a complete tool for surveillance purposes that provides a camera database, alarm functions, remote access and scheduler A video surveillance system, such as go1984 10.0 premium, is intended to protect your home, business or their surroundings from the activities of intruders. Fortunately, multiple camera models are supported by go1984 full. The tool’s interface is nicely designed. In this respect, it is good that the cameras and the operations you can perform on them are conveniently arranged in a tree. However, this is not the kind of program everyone can start using without even reading the accompanying documentation. It would be better if some of the actions, like adding a new camera, could be done with the help of a wizard.

System Requirements for go1984

  • Supported IP Camera
  • RAM: minimum 2 GB
  • CPU: minimum Pentium 4 or comparable AMD with SSE2
  • HDD: depending on number of cameras, recording time, etc.
  • Windows Server 2016, Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows Server 2012, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2008 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit
  • Homepage: www.go1984.de
  • Author logiware gmbh
  • Last version

New in go1984

Bugfix: Webclient – white-gray background with missing write rights
Improved: Webclient – Recording overview switchable (landscape / portrait)
Improved: Webclient – New camera overview
Improved: Compatibility of the 64-bit subsystem with older processors
Improved: Efficiency when streaming MJpeg over RTP
Improved: Reolink cameras now also available via Onvif
Improved: Onvif compatibility
Improved: Digest authentication
Improved: Integration of remote Onvif cameras (manual ONVIF search)
Improved: Activation – Possibility of restarting go1984 with extended administrator rights
Improved: Compatibility with Windows 10 Version 1909
Improved: Support for more graphic modi while decoding on GPU
Improved: Logging
Improved: Setup
Bugfix: Webclient – Corrected display of recordings for cameras with umlauts
Neu: Webclient – Hotkeys per camera to switch from the camera overview to the single view

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  • 02.02.2021 at 10:05

    The setup has some things worded funny, but that is being picky. Will this help me lose weight or be happier? That is my real question! 🙂

  • 08.02.2021 at 07:06

    Now that the product includes a despicable Toolbar it is now undesirable – Despite taking the tick out of setting google as the homepage (Honestly who would want that)
    The homepage is changed to google through conduit AVOID this product at all costs

  • 13.02.2021 at 06:34

    Movie stops about half way through. Although on ISO it keeps running (even when the slider has reached the end).

  • 19.02.2021 at 18:47

    i hate the romance movie

  • 23.02.2021 at 23:21

    I really like this software. It saves my time and money. Great tool

  • 04.03.2021 at 23:01

    As stated, a backdoor used by scam artists, that like to prey on the elderly especially.

  • 09.03.2021 at 10:25

    Theres really nothing that I don’t like about this game I have fun playing it with my friends and against the computer.

  • 12.03.2021 at 06:12

    Can’t drag files onto it. You have to add them one at a time or an entire folder at once. Then when you try to remove items you don’t want to convert, it instead removes random files.

    Every time you run the conversion it resets back to WAV at medium quality. So if you are doing a few different folders you have to remember to fix all of these settings every time.

    Finally, the converted file has no tags. Even though I was converting from one file type that supports tags to another, the tags did not carry over. Complete waste of time.


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