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    Porous materials with a large surface area were used for heat storage. However, porous Si-SiC material as a heat storage medium for a turbocharged gasoline engine has not been studied in detail. In this study, porous Si-SiC material in front of the turbine was used as a heat storage medium and a model was developed for further investigation. The substrate surface and the substrate volume of Si-SiC were calculated for the structural model calibration. After these calculations and test results, the pressure drop and the thermal model were validated. The results show that the exhaust gas pulsation amplitude weakened by porous Si-SiC leads to better turbine performance and BSFC in the stationary engine state of a turbocharged gasoline engine. In addition, the transient behavior must be improved under transient conditions. Therefore, the possibility of improving the transient behavior based on the properties of porous Si-SiC material is being investigated. It was observed that under transient conditions, the engine took less time to reach the target torque. shareit vidmate