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In addition, you can configure the setup by enabling CreateInstall to automatically close the window on completion and to launch the setup on close. Also, you can specify an EXE or BAT file that will be run before and after making the setup, as well as modify options concerning digital code signing, the auto run file (e.g. custom icon) and multi build. Evidently, you can completely customize the install and uninstall scripts regarding the dialogs, background, fonts, colors, descriptions, error messages, logo images, checkboxes, add/remove list, and so on. The program uses a moderate amount of system resources, contains a comprehensive help file with snapshots and hasn't caused us any issues during our tests. We highly recommend CreateInstall to all software developers.

CreateInstall Free Full Version Registration key

Download CreateInstall Free Registration key – Create shortcuts in any locations, unpack and/or copy the necessary files, as well as to create the uninstall utility by using this reliable piece of software Create shortcuts in any locations, unpack and/or copy the necessary files, as well as to create the uninstall utility by using this reliable piece of software Installer for those who want to completely control the installation process

CreateInstall Free 8.7.0 with serial keys is a free program to create full installation files for your applications. The program is supported by a very simple interface that displays, in an organized manner, the various options that we can add to the installer. CreateInstall Free 8.7.0 full version serial keys allows customization of each installation file, allowing the user to decide on the inclusion of various dialogues, permission to leave, an uninstall file, macros, and so on. Create installers including Portuguese. But the application not only gives us freedom of choice in the visual aspect, but also allows the choice in the type of compression of the files that will form the installer. The files are added to the installer with extreme ease, selecting from a main source folder but can add any additional files as you want. The process of creation is based on all the scripts, which provides great flexibility for the program and allows beginners to create professional auxiliary installations using the software that came with the program. Ultimately, CreateInstall Free license code is a handy tool that will help us in creating installation files offering absolutely professional results. CreateInstall Free 8.7.0 full version patch can be used in Win 98, Win ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

CreateInstall Free Features:

  • It’s free. Create installers in different languages, including Portuguese
  • not compatible with vista
CreateInstall Free Full Version license code

CreateInstall is an application with a pretty self-explanatory title – it allows you create install and uninstall files for your software. Upon initialization you can use the easy-to-follow wizard to setup initial settings, such as the product name, version, URL and company name. So, you can specify the output directory and setup executable name, create a self-extracting setup and set the type, volume size and filename pattern. Furthermore, you can give product details (e.g. technical support URL and phone number), select the setup language and additional ones, as well as input the installation path, shortcuts folder name, password and silent command-line parameter. Plus, you can configure dialog settings when it comes to the font style and size, bottom left text and URL, logo images, background image and color. Including an uninstaller and updater is optional. But if you tick these options, you can specify the patch, as well as uninstall and update executable file and filename, along with the config file URL and file name, and newer version URL.

System Requirements for CreateInstall Free 8.7.0:

  • 16MB RAM
  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Homepage:
  • Author Novostrim
  • Last version 8.7.0

New in CreateInstall Free 8.7.0:

Licread parameter to the Dialog – License command.
Improved some commands.
Added Comment field for list items.
Added the INI File – Format command (CI Full).
Added the Send Keystroke command (CI Full).
Improved over 20 commands.
Some little bugs.
Added the Get letter of drives command (CI Full).
Added the Get drive space command (CI Full).
Added the Catch Exit command (CI Full).
Improved language files.
Added #osreleaseid# (Windows 10 release ID) to the predefined variables.
Added #osupbuildrev# (Windows 10 Update Build Revision) to the predefined variables.
The "Dialog – Setup Path", free spaces text will red color if there is not enough free disk space or the path is invalid.

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  • 30.01.2021 at 06:41

    Easy to use, with good results.

  • 02.02.2021 at 13:42

    Sometimes doesn’t work well with H264 format. Each new release seems to generate the same problem where you see no duration given for H264 files.

  • 04.02.2021 at 21:37

    Computer went through what appeared to be a “dead” mode. Walked away until it came back to life–but with the Pro PCCleaner nuisance deleted for good. So give your computer time to do the removal task.

  • 10.02.2021 at 02:36

    none that i coud find


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