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As time goes by, computers start to work slower, and their performance deteriorates, which is mainly due to the vast amount of unnecessary files that end up accumulating after installing and uninstalling multiple applications and to the erroneous entries in the operating system’s registry files, but thanks to applications like Complete System Tuneup Full Version Free Download you’ll be able to avoid this kind of problems.

Optimize the performance of your PC

Complete System Tuneup full version crack includes all the tools necessary to be able to maintain a computer in optimal conditions, improving the functioning of the operating system and making it much more pleasant to work with the computer.

Complete System Tuneup For Pc Free Download

On the other hand, “Start Menu Cleaner” doesn't let you select files to delete (it automatically sends all of them to Recycle Bin) and you cannot view specific issues detected by “System Cleaner”. Also, half of the program's functionality relies on Windows tools. Plus, the software popped up an error and crashed when we tried accessing the help file. All in all, Complete System Tuneup registered is a good program for cleaning up unnecessary files and folders, but it needs bigger and better features before including the word “complete” in its title.

The program cleverly combines its own utilities with all those system maintenance tools that come with your Windows OS. These are usually scattered in different Windows menus, making it sometimes difficult for the average user to locate a specific tool when needed. To keep these organized and easy to reach, this application has gathered all of them into two menus – Tools and an Advanced Tools. In the Tools option you will find well-known Windows tools, such as Disk Defragmenter, Add & Remove Programs, System Properties, Windows Backup, or the Task Scheduler.

Complete System Tuneup Features:

  • Easy to use for all kinds of users
  • Well-organized and clear menus and interfaces
  • Cleverly combines its own utilities with existing Windows maintenance tools
  • None
Complete System Tuneup serial keys

To be able to optimize the operating system, Complete System Tuneup keygen has a very clear and intuitive interface, from which you’ll be able to access each tool from a tab-based side menu, that makes it much more dynamic to handle and use the program. Therefore, if you want an application that will allow you to maintain your computer in optimal conditions, download and install Complete System Tuneup 2.1 preactivated , it’s free.

System Requirements for Complete System Tuneup

New in Complete System Tuneup

Made a few minor code adjustments for Windows 64bit operating systems that were reporting errors.
Made a few minor code adjustments to correct an issue with some WinXP systems.
Added support for the latest version of Google Chrome Web Browser.
Updated all links to point to the new website.
Upgraded the CIL Software Download Manager and the auto update function.
Fixed an error on the Startup Items Tab. The display would sometimes show that a startup item did NOT exist when it did.
Updated to Microsoft Installer.
Updated the download manager to reflect the new installer
Your settings will be preserved when converting to this new version
Fixed the error “Path or file name too long” when running the System Cleaner
Corrected an issue with the Start Menu Cleaner trying (but failing!) to remove the Start Menu Folder on certain WinXP machines.
Fixed an issue with WinXP not able to run the program.

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16 thoughts on “Complete System Tuneup free full download

  • 07.02.2021 at 23:09

    Difficult uninstalling

  • 26.02.2021 at 02:17

    We switched from our current backup provider mainly because of lack of service and seeing the many positive reviews on Internet we hoped Acronis would be better. Unfortunately, we were wrong, and so were the reviews we found on the internet. Software not functional + no support (only pay per incident with very slow support). The software was installed on a basic, completely updated windows xp system and gives an internal error that can not be found in the KB, new install = no effect, error for all types of backup (0x001703E9). We have never generated a successfully backup until this day. Naturally, we will not pay extra for service if a product has never worked and generates internal errors, not to mention functions extremely slow. 149 euros gone… DO NOT BUY THIS. / is MUCH better and the support is included and very good.

  • 02.03.2021 at 07:25

    crashes sometimes but good game

  • 06.03.2021 at 12:59

    one file at a time – if you don’t like it then buy the product… simple!

  • 09.03.2021 at 09:03

    If any faults exist it might be a bit faster. But for me NO problem.

  • 14.03.2021 at 00:39

    I used this product on two different computers with the same result, one of them being a brand new tricked-out system: It appeared to have deleted some fonts in my system. Install/Uninstall boxes had no text in them and the fonts in FireFox browsers were completely messed up. I had to do a system restore to get things back to normal.

  • 16.03.2021 at 16:29

    a) The nav bars can be hidden individually. Want a single click to get to a full-window mode, where I just want to read, share and star.
    b) PageDown and Page up works within an article. How about keyboard inputs for previous and next articles?

  • 20.03.2021 at 23:21

    Had to install newer version after it stopped recognizing my CD/DVD drive. Now all’s OK.

  • 30.03.2021 at 02:47

    not found yet now 🙁

  • 04.04.2021 at 22:49

    way back during its Ad-Aware Se days, i used to be a big fan of this but since it has become Ad-Aware 2007, updating it has become a big torment for me so i un-installed it for good.

  • 13.04.2021 at 13:06

    will not uninstall for update to load


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