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The Cobian Backup full version free interface is very intuitive, and it is totally focused on its task, something that many similar programs don’t do due to the fact that they implement hundreds of functions. Cobian Backup full version carries out backups, and it does so in the best possible way. Cobian Backup 11.2 activated is a powerful solution to backing up your important data. One aspect that makes this program different from other applications created for the same purpose is the fact that it uses scheduled tasks in order to create data backups. Moreover, it requires just few system resources in order to work properly.

Cobian Backup Full Version license code

We opted to save important files to our USB, which worked perfectly. We were impressed by the file compression and encryption options that aren’t found in many paid programs. The Options menu comes with tons of settings for more advanced file compression, password-protecting the user interface, and even changing the interface’s appearance. We were able perform random backups with the click of a button, and likewise, we were able to run multiple backup tasks all at once without any problems whatsoever. Cobian Backup 11.2 Full Version key offers multiple help venues, including an index, a tutorial, and support forums. However, even the most novice users will be able to jump in with very little, if no, guidance. We highly recommend this program for all users. Cobian Backup Full Version Full Crack is a powerful and efficient data backup scheduler Download Cobian Backup 11.2 Full Version key – A multi-threaded program that can be used to schedule and back up your files and directories, with multiple backup modes being supported

Cobian Backup Registration key boasts a very rich settings menu, with configuration options regarding the engine, compression, functionality, visuals and FTP. In addition, the application supports remote backup and comes with a dedicated tool to remove old backups and to show the backup history. As a conclusion, Cobian Backup 11.2 Full Version key is one of the best software solutions when it comes to backing up data and one of the few that provide so many features inside such a friendly environment.

Cobian Backup Features:

  • Includes a reliable scheduler
  • Supports FTP backup
  • Free program
  • The Help manual is available only online
  • I searched for a good couple of hours to find a freeware backup program with all the features I needed (user files backup in a business environment).Cobian Backup is right up there with the best commercial utilities. Heck, through my research it even seems to bypass the majority and would easily be in the top 5 backup programs out there – paid for or otherwise!
  • I tried a couple of others including a piece of junk that came with my new external drive from Toshiba. Too many of the programs want to tell you what to do not let you tell it. This one isn’t like that. Other programs I have tried really try to push the schedule on you but not Cobian. I use the built-in backup in Windows 7 for my daily scheduled backups and it works fine for that but I needed something to make manual backups on the external drive I keep in the firebox.
  • Easy to install, configure and use. Absolutely reliable. Can’t believe it’s free.
  • Lack a restore tool, gonna be a pain if you have lots of incremental backups to restore.
  • No incremental backup (can’t backup just the latest changes), but the biggest problem is that it took 2.5 DAYS, yes days to backup and check 137 gigs.
  • None that I can think of.
Cobian Backup Serial Key

[In order to be able to use Volume Shadow Copies in Windows 8 and 10 you will need to activate/install the .NET 3.5 framework. In order to activate it just open the Control Panel, Click Programs, Click Turn Windows Features on or off and select the .NET 3.5 framework.] Cobian Backup 11.2 Full Version license Key is a tool that will allow you to create backups of your system. Avoid losing any data, download Cobian Backup For Windows 10 Download for free on your computer Cobian Backup 11.2 full version patch is a multi-threaded program that can be used to schedule and backup your files and directories from their original location to other directories or drives in the same computer or other computer in your network. FTP backup is also supported in both directions (download and upload).

System Requirements for Cobian Backup

Is Cobian Backup compatible with Windows 8.1?

No, Cobian Backup is not compatible with Windows 8.1. This version of Windows has been released recently. The developer will update it soon. You can either check back later on its official website or install the Windows 7 version. I believe it will work in Windows 8.1.

I tried the Windows 7 version of Cobian Backup in Windows 8.1. Whenever I shutdown or restarted Windows the program stopped working.

New in Cobian Backup

Russian language updated
Ucranian translation added
German language added
Portuguese-BR files updated
Czech help file updated
When using ZIP compression, some files where ignored. Bug introduced in Fixed
The status bar was showing accelerators in file names
The post-backup events where always getting 0 as the number of errors in the task. Fixed
When deleting old backups, the name of the files or directories to delete ara now logged
When "Calculate source sizes" was checked, the task properties was showing "Calculating…" for ever. Fixed

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19 thoughts on “Cobian Backup For Windows 10 Download

  • 07.02.2021 at 09:05

    Got the right word … Con

  • 10.02.2021 at 12:08

    One thing I wanted to bring to their notice that the help section of the software is unable to launch. I have downloaded and reinstalled the software many times, nevertheless, I am unable to get the help contents when I click the help.

  • 12.02.2021 at 23:48

    The ONLY con that I can find is that in the “monitored install” feature, you have to close EVERYTHING else for it to work properly; that means IMs, mail clients, literally EVERYTHING. That’s real big PIA when you want to do a simple install. I just don’t activate that feature so it really has no impact.

  • 15.02.2021 at 09:04

    – cann’t play videos in the blog post
    – cann’t make coffee 🙂

  • 17.02.2021 at 12:01

    Did not like the fact that you can not use decimals. All dollar amounts must be rounded off…which seems strange for a “Money/Budget” app. Also can not resize window.

  • 23.02.2021 at 12:08

    as an intermediate PC user, it’s too difficult for me to use…as it blocks everything, including playlists, myspace photos, etc., i was not able to get any of them back…and now i’m left with a sh*tload of recovery work to do!

  • 28.02.2021 at 00:08


  • 04.03.2021 at 18:39

    used DVD cloner 8. Skips back to the start. DVD starts; the main film missing the first minute. unable to fast forward or reverse properly; The “don’t copy adverts” feature doesn’t work at all. Poor quality images, missing parts.

  • 12.03.2021 at 03:51

    Way to slow to open. It is a very heavy program, and there are much lighter alternatives that work much faster and at the same or nearly the same quality.

  • 18.03.2021 at 12:22

    ZERO support. None. Zilch. I need to get product key so I can install on a second computer and emails are not answered, nor is their online form answered. Furious, because it’s expensive compared to similar programs.

  • 23.03.2021 at 08:09

    Very intellect and challenging.

  • 30.03.2021 at 20:47

    It doesn’t install on 64-bit computers.

  • 15.04.2021 at 11:35

    Had to unzip the files on another computer so that I could remove the help and manual files so that the program files would fit on a floppy.


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