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To summarize, Bullzip PDF Printer patched has the main advantage of supporting a long list of printable document formats. In addition, it can perform the conversion without affecting the original quality. What I did not like about this tool is that requires downloading third-party software in order to work properly. The product can be used at no cost by up to 10 users without commercial purposes. Since there are many similar programs out there, you may want to take a look at a few before making up your mind. In this regard, it is my duty to say that there are various completely free products that can perform similar tasks; yet, they do not support so much customization.

Bullzip PDF Printer For Pc Free Download

Download Bullzip PDF Printer 12.0 registeration keys – A practical tool that you can use to generate high quality PDF files in a simple manner, directly from Windows applications that support printing Bullzip PDF Printer 12.0 Full Version Free Download is a tool that sets up a virtual printer in Windows, in order to create PDF files from all types of documents. This way, it allows any application to create PDF files using just the print menu.

Installation tweaks and GUI

During installation, it offers to download and install Ghostscript Lite, a third-party program that Bullzip PDF Printer pre-Activated needs in order to properly function. The user interface is standard, and the tabs are General, Dialogs, Document, Image, Watermark, Merge, Security as well as Actions.

Thanks to Bullzip PDF Printer Full Version license code you no longer need to use Adobe Acrobat to design any document, because by simply printing it from Office, Corel Draw or any other application, we will obtain a PDF that we can share with anyone. Furthermore, Bullzip PDF Printer setup allows us to protect the resulting PDF documents with a password, generate watermarks and several useful options for this kind of file.

Bullzip PDF Printer Features:

  • Requires downloading additional software
  • Highly customizable outputs
  • Allows exporting not only to PDF but various picture formats as well
  • Limited range of editing functions
  • Supports multiple source formats
  • Secures documents
Bullzip PDF Printer full version setup

The Document tab is intended to enter properties that identify the file. Moreover, you can set the desired quality, adjust the zoom level and choose compatibility between versions. In a similar way, you can go to the Image tab if you want to control such output parameters as resolution and orientation. The rest of the tabs allow you to watermark the document and secure the document with a password.

System Requirements for Bullzip PDF Printer

  • GPL Ghostscript 8.64 or later
  • Xpdf (optional)
  • PDF Power Tool (optional)
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows Server 2012, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2008, Windows 2003, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 10
  • Homepage: www.bullzip.com
  • Author BullZip Team
  • Last version

How to convert Gedcom files to PDF so that I can save them on a memory stick?

The easiest way is to open those files in a supported application and then simply use the Print function after you have installed the Bullzip virtual printer driver. Instead of a normal printer, selecting the virtual driver will give you the possibility to print directly to a PDF file that you can easily email or modify.

New in Bullzip PDF Printer

New <doccomputername> macro to get name of the originating computer in a shared printer installation.
Fix for SFTP upload.
Fix for Chrome version 80 postscript bug.
Updated translations.
Support for monitors with high DPI.
Fix for start and end page when sending a PDF to a printer.
Extended support for copy/paste of Chinese characters in PDF documents.
New code for printing/redirecting the PDF to another printer.
Compatibility with Ghostscript 9.27.
Fixed overflow (error 6) problem.
Support for setting signature on the last page.
Updated translation
Added feature for remembering recent save locations.
New setup command line switch ORIGINALDRIVER to keep the setup from changing the driver.
Fixes setup issues.

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