BlueSoleil 10.0.498.0 Full Version Registration Code

The IEEE 802.15.1 standard, more commonly known as Bluetooth, is a technology that has simplified communications between its users, for example, connecting mobile devices. This was Harald Blåtand’s (Bluetooth), Viking king of Denmark in the tenth century, greatest virtue. And this technology received its name in his honor.   Thus, Bluetooth technology allows short distance wireless connections, allowing voice and data transmissions between different devices, like mobile phones. But these aren’t the only devices that use this technology.   To connect and transfer data between any type of Bluetooth device, we have an application called BlueSoleil Activator Free Download .

BlueSoleil full version crack

Bluetooth networking can be used for creating a wireless networking at the range of the bluetooth device (about 10 to 100 metres). But the speed is not good (Bluetooth is not a faster way to transfer large files). Bluetooth Object Push enables users to exchange cards with a mobile phone or send files to a mobile phone. It supports many other programs like the Nokia PC Suite, etc. Because it acts also as a driver. While running PCSuite, the program automatically starts. After installing the program, sometimes, it may show that "5 MB data only". It is because, the program is a shareware. Either you need to buy the software or your bluetooth device should be officially supported by them.

  BlueSoleil free allows us to manage all the Bluetooth technology devices that we have activated. To do so, it scans the area and shows the devices it detects. Once that is done, you’ll be able to interact with any of the devices using BlueSoleil full version setup . There are many ways for transferring files or distributing them to several computers and devices, and Bluetooth is one of them. BlueSoleil 10.0.498.0 activator is a software solution that relies on this protocol for synchronizing or exchanging data between various devices.

BlueSoleil Features:

  • Bluetooth file transfer
  • Supports Nokia PC Suite, other softwares
  • Bluetooth networking
  • Automatic searching for devices
  • Automatic connection
  • Bluetooth serial port
  • Bluetooth Object Push
BlueSoleil patch

To end with

All in all, this application can help people find new functionality for their Bluetooth devices, and the only requirement is a dongle connected to the computer. If the evaluation version meets their necessities, users can purchase a license and enjoy its features without any limitation. BlueSoleil 10.0 registeration keys is a bluetooth software and driver! It is the default bluetooth software for many PC bluetooth hardwares. Generally, the blurtooth devices come with a driver cd where you have this program.

System Requirements for BlueSoleil 10.0.498.0:

  • CPU: 600MHz or above
  • RAM: 128M or above
  • Screen: 800*600 or above
  • Display: Adapter True Color 16bits or above
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2K, Windows 8, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Vista
  • Language English, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese
  • Homepage:
  • Author IVT Corporation
  • Last version 10.0.498.0

From where can I download Bluesoleil drivers for Windows 7

You can obtain the software and the drivers from the official website of the product. Click on Check Details for additional options regarding the software and drivers.

The device is missing the necessary entry file while driver installation is in place. This could happen because the .inf file was written for Windows 95 or later. How to rectify this problem to install the drivers and access the Internet using mobile to PC connection?

Remove everything from your computer related to Bluesoleil and clean the registry files with a tool designed for this job (CCleaner should be fine) then download a new package of the application and install it. You can download the support package from the official website, but notice that Windows 95 is a very old OS. However, you may be lucky if you install the mentioned package.

How can I create an audio-link for Windows XP?

The easiest way to create an audio connection is through the device pair process. Firstly, start the connection wizard and click on Search devices. Make sure that both PC and the device are in discoverable mode and visible to other devices then initiate the pairing process from PC. Accept the connection and wait a minute for the list with devices to populate in Bluesoleil. Once it completes, double click the device and you should see a list with supported services. If there is Audio support, then the connection is established and you can use the available audio streams between devices.

New in BlueSoleil 10.0.498.0:

Taiwan Moguls Profit from Apple Connections
Plantronics Bluetooth Headphones Let You Wander From Your Phone
To IoT and beyond: Connecting the internet of things with mesh technology
Supports Bluetooth 4.0.
Improved BLE HID SDK.
Improved AVRCP functions to support iTunes.
Add two new items “Bluetooth Message” and “Bluetooth Low Energy” on BlueSoleil Display Classic View.
Add three new items “Back up Contacts” “Recover Contacts” and “Start Sync” for Sync profile.
Fixed bug: BlueSoleil Bttray can’t turn on with LE functions included.
Fixed bug: The messy code in device property dialog.

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  • 05.02.2021 at 22:39
    Permalink is the latest version

  • 08.02.2021 at 10:43

    I want to upgrade not to install a version needed a SN..!

  • 13.02.2021 at 00:38

    I kind of like the BlueSoleil, but it is just that the ttransfers of this device are just too slow. hope they make a better version of this software that makes file transfers really fast.

  • 17.02.2021 at 14:26

    good connectivity and quite fast

  • 22.02.2021 at 04:45

    There is no 7.1 version… Most recent 5.05

  • 26.02.2021 at 02:05

    I have just one problem that it works very slow and i also want newer versions of this software!!!!!!

  • 01.03.2021 at 20:47

    Bluetooth software shipped with various Bluetooth USB dongles (Supports Cambridge Silicon Radio and another chip). Bluesoleil also has version 5 of the software, that integrates with Windows Explorer (similar to how HP’s Bluetooth software does), but that version needs purchase by the user to unlock many features of it like exchanging big files


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