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Recovers files that have been deleted or lost due to failures [email protected] UNDELETE For Windows 10 Download is a straightforward data recovery solution worth having when you need to scan disks for deleted or damaged partitions, restore accidentally deleted files or folders from your existing volumes, create a virtual RAID array and recover lost files by any reason. Because it supports various file systems such as NTFS, FAT, FAT32, HFS+ and UFS, the application provides functions for working with partitions, as well as creating, opening and verifying images of disks. It allows you to explore and browse all data storage devices on your PC in different ways, as well as find and recover lost data.

[email protected] UNDELETE Full Version key

After selecting the recovery wizard you are interested in, the program will automatically scan the selected volume (logical drive) surface in order to detect all the accidentally deleted files and folders. After the scanning process is complete, you will be able to browse the list of all detected files and recover them with ease. In case you want to create a new partition or simply rollback all the changes, you can access the ‘Partition Management’ section, from the left panel. The ‘Restore Deleted Partitions’ wizard is able to detect all the deleted or damaged partitions, optionally modify its geometry and finally restore the partition, without changing its file format.

The only thing that bothers me is that you cannot test all of the integrated tools while using the trial version of the program. For example, you cannot restore a deleted partition, create a virtual RAID assembly, use the File Organizer tool, etc. Still, you can use the program to see if it manages to restore files and, in my testing, it really got the job done. Hence, you should give this tool a shot if you need to quickly restore files from deleted or damaged partitions. It's effective, works 100%, and comes with a fair price.

[email protected] UNDELETE Features:

  • Helps you restore various types of files
  • Supports various types of data storage containers
  • Provides you with multiple disk management features
  • Fast scanning speed
  • Some features aren’t available for testing on the trial version of the tool
  • Comes with a complete guide
  • not as it is the product because I do not read and never seen
  • The demo software showed clearly that it could see my files and restore the real samll ones. It maintained directory structure as well. Just bought the full version for $40 and recovered my 160G drive.
  • Dont have any
  • I tried heaps of other programs on the net. Some would only select some files. Some couldn’t detect my drive. My drive got re formatted & I still got my files & photos back. This is a excellent program & $40 is a good price for it. Its easy to use & you can see whats on your hard drive & return them to the same state. Some programs don’t keep all the files together like this.
Active@ UNDELETE license Key

Recover lost data from hard disk drives and other damaged media devices, manage your partitions and create disk images with this intuitive application There is a great deal of data recovery software out there, and they all offer varying levels of success. With many years of experience, however, and a great deal of improvements, [email protected] UNDELETE portable provides one of the best solutions for those who need to undelete files and not have to worry so much about not being successful in doing so.

System Requirements for [email protected] UNDELETE 17.0.7:

  • Pentium processor or compatible
  • 40 MB available on hard disk
  • 512 MB of RAM or more
  • Internet Explorer 8 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox 1.0 or later
  • Mouse or other pointing device
  • Administrators privileges required to install and run software
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 2008, Windows 2003, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP
  • Homepage: www.active-undelete.com
  • Author LSoft Technologies Inc.
  • Last version 17.0.7

New in [email protected] UNDELETE 17.0.7:

Improved NTFS recovery on volumes located in Windows Storage Spaces
Improved recovery of disks having 4KB (4096 bytes) sector size
Improved software stability working with failing disks
Latest Recovery Kernel including many improvements & minor bug fixes
GUI tweaks and bug fixes
[email protected] Boot Disk upgraded to WinPE based on the latest Windows 10 build 1903
[email protected] Boot Disk now fully supports SATA & PCI-E NVMe M.2 disks
New pre-defined file signatures recognition:
Canon Raw Image File (CR3)
Finale Notation File (MUSX)
New Easy Recovery Mode
Added pre-defined signatures recovery: VHDX, BCB, PUB, VDI, FRM, IBD, MYI
Improved Recovery Kernel
Ultimate package: the latest [email protected] Boot Disk and [email protected] LiveCD included
Added pre-defined signatures recovery: Microsoft SQL Server Databases (MDF) and Virtual Hard Drive Files (VHDX)
Support for ReFS versions 3.x file system data recovery

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    With VPN and encryption, I feel protected and anonymous

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    I Can’t connect my pc why it like this!

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    How do I get the levels from Google Earth to the software?

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    Instant Messenger has been lost while chatting with a friend online, and I am unable to utilize AIM at this point of time. Can you help?

  • 25.02.2021 at 14:47

    This program has one major flaw. One out of two files (post conversion) the audio is out of sync with the video. This is even with the sync factor set to max 60.

  • 02.03.2021 at 12:39

    Crappy sound, graphic could be better, performance issues, etc…

  • 04.03.2021 at 23:15

    Unstable, buggy, undependable, and frustrating.

  • 08.03.2021 at 05:50

    However, at some time I used Yahoo Music and it apparently crewed my audio settings up, meaning I no longer can use Audiograbber to record from Mike – it asks me to reset the audio settings to 16 bytes or whatever. There is no way I know of to do this in Audiograbber. Here is my suggestion: fix that and make audio-settings accessible through Grabber. To all others, don’t use Yahoo Music if you also have Grabber on your PC.

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    wish the whole process of backup was a bit faster. More free space on cloud storage would be good too.

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    I want each line summary.

  • 29.03.2021 at 11:12

    There were a couple of very minor glitches that I found in the version I have, that were specific to conversion from Eudora index files. But technical support was very responsive and they had a fix to me within a day.

  • 03.04.2021 at 00:17

    I would like a quicker response from the tech support. Okay, I didn’t have to wait for hours, but it was still longer than I would have wanted

  • 08.04.2021 at 08:11

    Dealing with the office if you are overcharged or need a credit..the help is terrible. No help what so ever. Had to get my bank involved ,this Corp..does nothing repeat to help you !! -Zero!! Beware!!!

  • 14.04.2021 at 06:17

    Sometimes may use a lot of CPU.

  • 19.04.2021 at 14:23

    It seem like cannot convert too many movie because some movies no sound and also cannot played.

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    Might have to buy the UPGRADE.

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    I thought it might be better


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